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The big difficulty in writing a thesis is the strict deadline where students have to go through intense pressure when complying with deadlines set by the educational institute. Considering the thesis writing scenario, every student have to go through the same timing dilemma. Such scenarios are extremely difficult especially for the those students who are involved in their job duties.

It is true that during our school life, we were taught by our parents and teachers about the limited difficulty in this current scenario and so things will be set in right direction if we pursue our acedamics in a great way. There is no doubt that what we were taught is right to some extent but the problem is level of difficulty increases as we being as students progress through our academics leading to accomplishment of our degree. As students gets admission to college, the difficulty level is such that it is like being stepping on a fifth step of the ladder rather than first step. It is true that failure is a thing that exists in the minds of every single student. But on the whole, we still hear that this is just a difficulty for a limited time and everything would be easier for us in the future.

Apart from the difficulties faced by the students, considering the good things include the excitement of graduation from high school. This is the stage that enables a student to think of their future and to choose a right career through which set higher expectations in terms of spending leisure time with fiends, parties, hangouts and other outings. This is true to some extent but the degree of difficulty increases as the subjects gest more and more advanced. It is also true that there are glorious things that enables students to enjoy their life alongside the difficulties that they have to face in order to pursue their degree. It is also true that University provides such platforms for its students in the form of curricular activities to some extent. 

The glories provide by the university puts a great impact on the psyche of the students. The idea is such activities must exists which is good for mind health. When a student gets admission in the university, the first year is all about exploring new things and as time progressing difficulty in pursuing different courses increases to maximum level and final crux resides in the last year. The last year is all about completing projects and thesis along with responsibilities to be taken for the family and the financial burden due to being graduated from the institute and is ready to take full scale responsibility. The major problem which majority of the students face is the timing factor of the dissertation or thesis and many students have to take a separate year to complete their thesis that is required for graduation.

Most of the final year students opt for internship in order to gain some practical knowledge of their filed. As mentioned earlier that the final year mainly consist of accomplishing projects and thesis on both bachelor & at master level. Writing a thesis is a big task for the students as it requires a lot of supervision and attention from the teachers as well involved in the dissertation. It also requires considerable time for searching and interpreting researches of their thesis. In this scenario, students need help in order to get their thesis or project published. This is an important step for the students to seek help from their seniors in order to accomplish their degree in time and with good results. The level of writing a thesis plays a crucial role in progressing through job interviews and tests. There are many bright students who posses creative ideas but lacks effective writing skills. So all in all, it can be seen that a gap exist between the students ability to write thesis and the effectiveness of the thesis that will put the impression on the supervisor.

It is important for students to adopt research skills especially when pursuing masters degree. It is the core element of the course and without it, value of such professional degree is worthless. But due to numerous situations like job responsibilities and other issues, it is extremely difficult for the students to pursue their course without their thesis. This strict condition upon students hampers their ability to prepare thesis which is required for final evaluation. There is another important aspect which leads to interference in this work is the timings to be set with the supervision in discussing each and every thing in the final stages of the degree. So these are the main issues which students acquiring professional degree faces.

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