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It is a common practice for students in Pakistan to write research papers and publish them in journals during their Bachelor’s, Master’s, MPhil and Ph.D. education. Accordingly, owing to this practice, the Higher Education Commission has it mandatory to submit a comprehensive research paper to receive a degree. However, a large number of students strive to learn the basics of research writing and publishing.

We help these students at Thesiswriter by providing Research Writing Services which are helpful in guiding these students with their research paper writing and assisting them in publishing their research papers in peer-reviewed journals. We also facilitate the submission process by assisting the students throughout Pakistan who faces problems in publishing their research papers in famous journals. Currently, we are one of the very few research and educational help platforms that are giving quality Research Paper Writing Services at minimum cost.

The increasing need for Research Paper Writing Guidance in Pakistan

A research paper can be categorized as a thesis or a critique or it can be
generalized as a research paper. The difference between these categories
include:Word countIn-depth research

Students are required to deliver a research paper after completing their four years of bachelor’s degree. In this regard, the students have to do an in-depth analysis of a research topic or problem and submit excellent research papers with their teachers. The same rules are applied to Masters, MPhil and Ph.D. programs in Pakistan in which the students are given appropriate time to submit their research or thesis. The time for given research varies with the degree programs such as the time allowed for a Ph.D. research is 8 years. However, it is the maximum limit in which the students can submit their research work otherwise they face cancellation of registration and revocation of a degree program. 

Main Parts of a Research Papers

1.      Introduction

2.      Critical Literature Review

3.      Methodologies

4.      Findings/Data Analysis

5.      Conclusion

6.      Recommendations

7.      References/Bibliographies

The details of these sections are given below for more understanding.


The abstract is the first part of a research paper which is also considered as the summary of whole research work. Accordingly, it should be well-defined and narrate the overall explanation of the research work briefly.


This section contains appreciation and thanks to people who have helped you through your research work and also guided for keeping your research relevant to the topic. In this regard, you can thank your institute, teachers, and class fellows and any other person who facilitated you through your research work.

Table of Contents

This is an organization of different sections and heading of your research paper to make it easily readable and understandable for the readers. It contains a heading, chapters and page numbers.


The introductory paragraphs contain a brief introduction to the research topic or problem. Besides, it also introduces the readers with research objectives that can vary in number considering the scope and horizon of your research work. The introduction also includes the background of research and the selection process of the research topic carried out by the student.

Critical Literature Review

This portion of your research paper contains critical approaches and methods to analyze your research problem. It also contains an in-depth analysis of your findings and gaps between the research results. Besides, it describes the research work from the student’s point of view.

Furthermore, the student should apply a rational approach to critical analysis and prove his stance and why he has chosen a particular research method to analyze the research work. Moreover, it also includes research questions related to the research.


The researchers use various research methods for data collection and analysis of research. These methods can be qualitative or quantitative. The researcher needs to define them in detail to tell the readers about his selected approach and why he chose it.

Findings/Data Analysis

The research work which is carried out to explain a specific research problem is explained in this portion of the research paper. The importance of this portion is higher because it provides a rationale for the research problem and also proves that the research work is supported with relevant data and research material.

The research findings are also explained in this portion considering the research topic.


This part should be wind-up the whole research paper with a summary of the research work. Besides, it also contains an opinion of the writer about the research topic and also a proof of relevancy of this topic with contemporary research issues in a particular field.


This section is vital as it contains suggestions of the writer based on his analysis of the research problem. The writer also provides suggestions for further research on this research topic.


The writer collects data from various source and he should cite these sources in the research paper considering the recommended citation style. The citations are necessary because the instructors and research supervisors have to verify and validate the research work by weighing their authenticity and legitimacy.

These are the mandatory sections and chapters of a research paper. A major issue of facing students is how to start a research paper as they are not able to comprehend the structure of a research paper.

What are the main factors which force students to seek Paper Writing Services?

It has been observed that students face several problems while writing and submitting their research papers. In this contemporary world, students are required to submit their research papers rules and regulations defined by the Higher Education Commission.

The rankings of universities in Pakistan improve with an increase in their submission of research papers. It improves the overall ranking of a university in the list of best universities. We observe a large number of universities gradually making their way to the list of top-ranking universities. This is due to an increase in a number of research papers published in Pakistani and international journals approved by HEC. The publication of these research papers plays a vital role in increasing the reputation and credibility of a university. On the other hand, the supervisors also ensure that the students submit good research papers. The promotion of instructors and supervisors is also tied with their ability to ensure good research work from students.

These are the reasons which force students to produce excellent research papers because by failing to do so, they will not be able to receive their degrees. The research papers have become an obligation for students. It can be their thesis or final year of research work. Nevertheless, it is a well-known fact that students in all major institutes of Pakistan struggle to produce well-structured research papers in different fields and subjects particularly for science research papers. More than 193 institutions are affiliated with HEC in Pakistan. However, a large number of faculty members in these institutions are either inexperienced or not capable enough to supervise student research papers. The student to faculty ratio in these institutions is 30:1 which implies that there are very few teachers available to guide students about their research papers.

Students normally face the following problems and issues when they are required to conduct research and submit their research papers:

1.      The instructors and supervisors do not guide the student properly. These instructors are somehow inexperienced and they do not have requisite skills to explain the aims and objectives of research work to students.

2.      The students lack the required resources to conduct credible research work. These resources include research material in universities and feasible approaches to conduct research by applying various research methods.

3.      The students do not have strong writing skills that are required to complete a research paper of more than 3000 words. These issues arise from a lack of a good educational background or a weak understanding of the English language.

4.      Most of the students lack critical thinking and analytical skills because their educational background is not strong.

5.      The students also find it difficult to find good and authentic sources for research particularly related to Pakistan. A limited number of online sources are available for research which is taken by the students as references in their research work. A lot of research material is available for international topics and countries including the UK and the US. This is the reason behind the low understanding of students in finding reasonable references for research.

6.      Students also face a shortage of time to complete their research paper due to the reasons mentioned above.

7.      They take help from external sources that offer low-cost research papers. However, this source takes a lot of money and provide nothing in the name of research.

8.      They also fail to produce an excellent research paper that can be published in HEC approved journals or other international journals.

Have you ever find yourself through these situations as a student? Are you also striving to get your research paper done within a due timeframe? Do you feel that research paper writing, submission, and publication are somehow impossible tasks to achieve? Are you worried about the impossibilities of publishing your research work in an international or HEC approved journal? Do you feel face time constraints and realize the assistance of a professional research writing service to avoid risking your degree?

The Best Research Writing Service Available In Pakistan

We explored this market back in 2012 to guide students with solutions related to thesis writing. Now, we stand amongst the top and rarest research paper services in Pakistan. Students can believe in us with their research writing as we are providing our services in professional fields. In this field, we provide a CV and Resume Writing Services, Copy Writing Services and E-book Writing.

A large number of Pakistani students have the following questions in their minds for trusting a research paper service like ours:

·         How can I trust the legitimacy of this service and that they will not scam me like other services available online?

·         How can I trust these people with money?

·         What if they do not return my money if I am dissatisfied with their services?

·         How to ensure that a qualified professional will write my research paper?

·         Do they provide guidance or they will only help me with my research paper writing?

·         How can I trust this service in case my university finds out that I took help?

·         Do they help with research paper publication?

·         Do they provide free revisions for changes in the research paper?

These are some of the questions students ask before taking help from a writing service. We have a team of more than 50 research paper writers who have extensive experience in particular fields of study. We also have professionals belonging to different fields and write excellent research papers.

Our offer our services at affordable rates considering the financial situations of students. You can avail our services within your current budget and without compromising anything. We also offer various packages. You can communicate your requirement to us through our Live Chat Services or directly to our customer support agents who are always ready to help you.

We also provide a plagiarism report through Turnitin to facilitate students about the credibility of their research work. Our dedicated team of writers ensure originality in research work and use authentic sources and material for this purpose.

Our writers understand all the requirements of a research work considered by universities in Pakistan. We are also experienced in article publication and writing help. Students can relay us for their research work as well as with their writing problems because we guide them throughout the article publication process.

The category system set by the Higher education System considers the following categories for publication in HEC approved journals:

1.      W Category: Journals with an Impact Factor are categorized as Journal Citation Report.

2.      X Category: Journals without an Impact Factor but they are HEC verified and meet HEC requirements. They also include reviewed papers by at least one person who belongs to a country with academic advancements.

3.      Y Category: It includes journals without an Impact Factor but meets HEC criteria except the papers reviewed by an expert from an advanced country.

4.      Z Category: These are the journals with no Impact Factor but meets the requirements of HEC expect the research paper review by a person from an advanced country. However, it is indexed internationally by an agency recognized by HEC.

We have set standards rules and regulations under which we provide affordable research papers and paper writing services to students.

I.                    The students communicate their requirements to us and we sent the task to our Research Department where a team of writer discusses the topic.

II.                 We check the scope and feasibility of the topic before finalizing it. We also define the scope by taking into consideration the relevant sources and research material required to conduct the research.

III.              The researchers conduct a critical literature review.

IV.              Significant gaps in the research topic are discussed for fulfilment.

V.                The abstract is prepared and reviewed.

VI.              The client is provided with the draft and we await his feedback.

VII.           Once our client approves the draft, our writers complete the research paper according to client’s requirements.

VIII.        Our team contacts different journals to send the research paper for publication as per client’s requirements.

IX.              A list of journals which agree to publish the research is provided to the client along with other requirements of publication including the charges of publication and compliance of publication standards.

X.                The approved research paper of the client is sent to a particular journal for publication.

 We also help the client with research paper publication once the paper is approved. Our writers are well-aware of publication standards. Accordingly, we help students with the publication of their research papers. We are in touch with a large number of international and HEC approved journals. Thus, we can publish the research without putting our clients through the difficulties of getting their research papers approved and publish them in international journals.

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