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You need to read terms and conditions if you want to use our services. The terms and conditions mentioned under are applicable for different users that visit our website to know about the details of our service that we provide to pour clients. In the terms, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘writer for the help’ usually mention for thesiswriter.pk and ‘you’ usually links to students, guardians and parents, and any individual which want to use our website or use our services.

Copyright Statement

  • Content of website based on copyrighted materials that are owned through thesiswriter.pk. One can also get in the form of print of content for using it for non-commercial reason.
  • You don’t need to get permission for using content on our website for the reason of commercial promotion and for modifying different purposes.
  • All of the rights are stated in the section of the policy that is reserved with the website thesiswriter.pk.

Limitation on Use

  • For subscribing the website you should be least 10 years’ old, Thesiswriter.pk. The students that are below to 10 years in their age can use all the service after taking the consent legal guardian or parents.
  • The service receipt is personal for you and student can’t transfer his rights for accessing course materials for getting services to other person as we are agreed in our writing.
  • We also grant authority for using all services that are important for the personal and proferssional non-commercial reason. You may also be able to display, copy the dpcument, distribute, download, perform, publish and areproduce and also offer it for the sale purpose of any information detail that is obtained from the website thesiswriter.pk along with the writing consent.
  • Through using all our services by website thesiswriter.pk, you can state that you use the information details that are provided through your tutor to study it just for the reason and which you may not submit all your information like any work of original student for getting the course grade or credit.
  • Any infraction of all these terms that are related to the use of this website thesiswriter.pk or this services will end the license that is granted by us to you.

Limitation and Warranty of Liability

  • There is no liability for the purpose of delay or any other interruption in accessing this website. We are always here and ready and present for assisting you.
  • We usually don’t accept our responsibility to data loss or any damage on the server, PC or the connection of the network.
  • We only use the well tested and highly trusted software. Our professionals and experts do the best for ensuring clam operation. We usually give guarantee on it that one which access the website will be surely perfect and 100% error-free.
  • We also reserve right for suspending the access for scheduled management and updating of the website.
  • Our service is not responsible for the non-access to the website because of failures of equipment or links that are not in control of our experts.
  • We are also not responsible for bad marks and failure of the students at any of the course as the assignment only help you in the subjective matter not in others. We are full of qualified and highly trained experts that try the best effort to solve your assignments. As we are always ready for helping the students.
  • In poor grades of any student because of our services that we provided you, we offer those the service to rework on their assignment but without refunds because every assignment that come from you considered the product and when it is given to the clinet then it considered to be sold of that product.

Privacy Policy
Kindly mention to a section of PRIVACY POLICY.

We get a right for charging the fees of subscription or membership by using our service.

If these terms and condition become not enforceable as the whole or invalidity or part of different terms for contracting that remain not affected.


We also reserve sole right for revising all terms and conditions with no notice. The advanc version of all terms and conditions will also replace the past versions.

We also reserve right of sole for terminating the part or whole of service that is agreement at some different time.

Entire Agreement
Terms of Service for the website are made in the advance contract among student and the website thesiswriter.pk that would replace and end ealier accord.

Through subscribing or recording our services. User can accept for receiving email by subscription about the site of thesiswriter.pk updates of service along with any promotional proposals.


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