PRIVACY POLICY  is the site which works by 100% of transparency, this is the statement that reveals reason to gather the whole data and to know that it is manageable or protected by us. Further, we have underlined the rights and different ways by which how anyone can control the exercise working on the website that is online.

We also understand the concern of our clients about their security and privacy of their personal information. We know that it’s our ethical duty for making you aware of the privacy policy that we provide. The following is mentioned that we usually do with your personal details:

  • All of the details about the students is kept strictly in a company.
  • It is our duty to give any personal or other information of students to the third parties.
  • Also, we do not provide any tutor details or information to the third parties.
  • Our payments are usually handled through PayPal. We also collaborate with PayPal by which they can alone deal with credit card information of the student.
  • We also get right for revealing the personal information which is required by the law and we also believe that the disclosure is important to give protection to all rights and for complying with the judicial processing, the order of a court or the legal method are served on Website.
  • pk gets right for modifying the privacy statement, so you should frequently review it. Here the changes that are made to the policy will also be posted and continuously using site and services and the use of software that constitutes agreement to get bound by different changes.

Data Protection

We also implemented security which measures to sure that the data is saved and protected securely. By the use of several encryption methods, we review the content which can’t be used by us. On top, we also saved that data which cannot be gained through all workers, but those that made a promise to reach up to the highest level of confidence. The full track record kept through pertaining to the cure by having information and purpose for it. We also warn the young audience for which they are careful having communication with us and especially when it gives the sensitive information that is related to the information of student credit cards, any of the unauthorized and third party can get the access for it. There is no control which we exercise.

Data is held to a prolonged length of the time for the purpose of tax. Other than this we also have the cybersecurity which is checked for preventing breaches.

You’re Rights

According to the law, you have a right to withdrawing the data that give agreement for usage of the data and to make important improvements in data that you’ve given to us. Thesis Writing Help also motivates you to increase communication and remove the hesitation in your communication. With advanced security that we provide and the storage methods, you can be assured and don’t worried because your information is in our hands and protected.

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